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*~*English Lop Rabbits*~*

Rabbits Sold
Rabbits Sold Past Rabbits

~2004-2005 Buyers~
Congratulations to all of you!
Melissa's Blueberry~ Sold to Joan (Solid Blue English Lop Doe)
Amanda's Kahlua~ Sold to Sandi (Brkn. Opal E-lop jr. Doe)
Amanda's Jazzy~ Sold to Sandi (Brkn. Blue E-lop jr. doe)
Amanda's Happy~ Sold to Sandi (Brkn. Opal E-lop jr. doe)
Amanda's Jasmine~ Sold to Sandi (Brkn. Opal E-lop jr. doe)
Kluth's Chewbaca~ Sold to Lynn (Jr. buck)
Kluth's Maisy~ Sold to Lynn (Jr. Doe)
Kluth's Maddie~ Sold to Lynn (Jr. Doe)
Draggin' Ears Tabby~ Sold to Lynn (Sr. Doe)
2002-2003 Buyers
Congratulations to all of you!
Amanda's Liesal ~Sold to Ryann (Brkn Tort English Lop Doe)
Amanda's Myleigh~Sold to ? (Brkn Black English Lop Doe)
LSR Opal~Sold to Amy Nakamura (Brkn Opal English Lop Doe)
Amanda's Noel ~Sold to Jeff (Brkn. Tort English Lop doe)
Amanda's Missfit Rebel~ Sold to Jeff (Solid Black Tort English Lop doe)
Draggin' Ears Jewel~ Sold to Jeff (Brkn. Tort English Lop doe)
LSR One Ear Petunia~ Sold to Emily Godlevsky (Solid Lynx English Lop doe)
Draggin' Ears Brutus~ Sold to Amy Nakamura (Solid Blue English Lop Buck)

CONGRATULATIONS! To Lynn from Pinedale, Wyoming on her Purchase of "Kluth's Maddie", "Kluth's Maisy", "Kluth's Chewbaca", and Draggin' Ears Tabby.  Maddie, Maisy and Chewy are out of the Tabby X Josiah litter.  They all look very promising!!!

~Amanda's Kirby~
Passed away on September 27, 2003 of unknown cause.  He was just five days shy of his 1st birthday.  He will be greatly missed.

Amanda's Kirby

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